Friday, January 23, 2015

5 days to an organized crafty stash: day 5, inks

We have reached the end! Or maybe the beginning for your and your organization! If you missed any posts from the past week, be sure and head to the MFT Blog to get linked up!

Today is about inks and refills. Its pretty hard to beat something that is pre-made. I have a couple of ink and re-inker storage units from the company, Organize More.

This is my view every day that I sit at my desks. My inks are directly in front of me. This unit holds my MFT Stamps Premium Dye Ink Pads and Refills. My favorite inks. My most-used inks.

The unit to the left holds all my MFT Stamps Pigment Ink Pads and MFT Stamps Hybrid Ink Pads.

I sort my ink pads just like my cardstock, in rainbow order. The way the inks slightly hang out the front, make it easy to see my colors. Frankly, I have their location memorized. :)

I do keep my Black Licorice Hybrid Ink pad and Versamark Watermark Ink pads at the top. My most used. Gotta keep that stuff within easy reach! 

A last couple of items to share with you, these baskets which I keep on the top of the left storage unit. These hold my Mini Ink Blending Tool Handles and Mini Ink Blending Foam Pads.

I change the pads for each different color of ink I use. This keeps them tidy and the plastic baskets wipe out easily when too much ink gets on the side. I picked up the baskets at Michael's last spring.

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Inks, tools, and my favorite inks:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

5 days to an organized crafty stash, day 4: cardstock

And its day 4 of 5 Days To An Organized Crafty Stash. Cardstock is what we are talking about and sharing about today. The basis of all we create in paper crafting. The essential. The pretty. 
The I-must-have-all-the-colors supply!

To keep all my beautiful paper organized, I use these wooden magazine holders from IKEA. Its the perfect fit.

I sort my colors in rainbow order, pretty much. As you can see down on the red end of things, I do have one color that looks out of place. Some of the reds are similar to my eye, so I keep the reds apart.

To keep the color names straight, and to have cards that help me match up colors, I have cardstock swatches on a large loose-leaf ring. Each swatch is 1/8 of a sheet of cardstock. And I used my label maker to add the name of each cardstock. Having the ring like this makes it easy to add more colors as MFT Stamps releases them.

Did you know that you can print off the color challenges? There is a section on the MFT Blog that is labeled Printable Resources. Its located on the right side of the blog. Click it and there you will be taken to a place full of printable goodness! 

Because I do not have a color printer, I had to get creative with my print outs of the color challenges.

I punched several circles from each color of cardstock. I keep them all in a small baggie and adhere them to the color challenge as they are approaching. What I love about this, is how I have color combos on hand any time I need inspiration!
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My Favorite MFT Cardstock Colors:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

5 days to an organized crafty stash; day 3 dies

Who has started to organize?! I am so inspired by the rest of the MFT Stamps team and I cannot wait to implement some of the fantastic organization ideas into my craft room! Today we talk about everyone's favorite crafty tools-die templates! 

I keep mine stored in a refrigerator storage bin from Amazon. I have also found these at my local home store and kitchen supply store.

And to keep them organized in that bin, I again use my Clear Pocket Storage holders, both the large and the small. Some of you have asked, and honestly, I am not too picky about them hanging out of the top. It doesn't bother me, as long as I can find the set of dies when I need them.

I don't have labels on my storage bags, but my Die-namics are sorted out like this:
Favorites (ones I use constantly)
Nature (flowers, leaves, etc)
Blueprints, Tag Builder Blueprints
Cover Ups
Letters and Numbers
3D items

I should mention that these are my Die-namics that stand alone. The Die-namics that coordinate with stamp sets, I store in the Clear Storage Pockets with the stamps.

For the Die-namics that do not come with a magnetic backing, I use magnetic vent cover that I purchase at our local hardware store chain. It is located in the plumbing and heating section of the store,

The vent cover is thin and very easy to cut with scissors. In fact, my paper trimmer cuts it easily too. I trim the vent cover to size, depending on the size of the set of Die-namics. You could make the pieces of vent cover the size of the pockets, but I like to conserve and use the exact amount I need. Because, hey, then there is more money to buy pretty paper crafting supplies!

For those Die-namics that are just too large for pockets and bins, I use a book that I made for just such a reason.

I trimmed chipboard to 8x8 inches and bound it together with my Bind It All. Then I adhered the magnetic vent cover to the front of each chipboard page. They stay organized and in place. This idea would actually work for any of your Die-namics!

Oh, and the chipboard I got from my friend, who happened to own the local scrapbooking store. She would get tons of it every time she ordered paper.

Wahoo! More chances for fantastic prizes! Remember to enter, you must visit the MFT Blog
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Supplies and my favorites: